About us


Welcome to The Swedish Association of HRM (Sveriges HR Förening), Sweden’s leading association for people working with or studying human resources. The Swedish Association of HRM works to inspire and connect people active in HR in Sweden today. We do this by:

  • Supporting and spreading knowledge about research in the HR field
  • Creating meeting places for people in the HR sector
  • Actively participating in debates and discussions concerning HR

Today we have over 6,000 members across the country who network, share their know-how and inspire one another. The association is divided into five regions that all arrange local member activities. Our members are our biggest strength and we’re constantly striving to become even stronger. Would you like to join us?

As a member of The Swedish Association of HRM, you’ll get:

  • Invitations to breakfast seminars on current HR topics. Six different seminars, held in Swedish, are arranged yearly across the country
  • The magazine HR People. HR People is Sweden’s foremost HR magazine
  • The digital academy. Over 250 web-based courses
  • The opportunity to participate in local, professional networks. Our networks are a great and cost-efficient way to gain and share experience and knowledge
  • Discounts on our three annual events. If you haven’t been to HR NU, HR Dagarna or Forskardagen, now is the time
  • Discounts on our open courses; learn everything from Talent Management to Labour Law
  • Our newsletter which keeps you up to date with current events in HR

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Company co-operations
Would your organisation or company like to reach our 6,000 members? There are many ways to go about it! Contact info@sverigeshrforening.se if you’d like to participate at one of our popular events, or Elin Widmark, elin.widmark@sverigeshrforening.se, to find our how you can be included in our next newsletter.

The Swedish HR Association collaborates with several other actors and organisations, in Sweden and internationally.